Series 1

Time is too short. Love your neighbor, enjoy your life.

Artist Statement...

I am intrigued with life in general; simple wonder, glowing things, fur, folds, the stuff in between things - i.e., the present, the midwest, noses and the mundane. I often discover mundane things to be full of profound wonder and even the bizarre, a total circus of strangeness. I am also interested in how we all are afraid of that strangeness and oft clothe ourselves and the things around us in a masked reality of pretense and safety. Maybe it’s fear of failure? Maybe it’s imposter syndrome? I hope to explore the what and why of this fear, as well as the joy and splendor of the release from it. I try to work out these subjects and questions through an exploration of color, texture, characters, and process within a loose narrative that personifies the spirit of the clown - an archetype of the foolishness of humanity, the buffoon that stumbles around making messes, but also learning to enjoy the process of it, and how it transforms them. I want to embrace my own failure within my art-making, and put myself in situations that go against my instincts either technically or aesthetically to allow for my own creative growth as an artist and as a person.

Nonsense, rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, balderdash, blarney; informalhogwash, baloney, rot, moonshine, garbage, jive, tripe, drivel, bilge, bull, guff, bunk, bosh, BS, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, hokum, twaddle, gobbledygook, codswallop, flapdoodle, hot air; datedbunkum, tommyrot; vulgar slangbullshit, crap, crapola